numerical simulation of graphite crucible at different

Numerical simulation of the flow streams behavior in a self

2010/6/1This paper presents a three dimensional numerical simulation with experimental validation of a gas-fired self-regenerative crucible furnace. Turbulence, radiation and chemical reactions are simulated using the software Gambit V2 and Fluent V6.2. Different

Numerical modelling of Czochralski growth of quadratic silicon

2 Geometry and numerical methods A sketch of the global symmetry and geometry of the 6-inch crucible arrangement is shown in [4]. The sizes of crystal and crucible in the 3 D simulation can be seen in figure 1 from the top view on the domain computed.

ICF ELTA Induction Crucible Furnace Program

ICF ELTA Induction Crucible Furnace Program This program provides a two dimensional simulation of electromagnetic and thermal fields in cylindrical induction system using both integral (a Method of Magnetization Forces) and differential numerical (a Finite Differences Method) methods.

The Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Al Droplets Collision

electromagnetic heater and the graphite crucible. The collision process of Al droplets is recorded by the high-speed camera, and the numerical simulation of collision are calculated by Gerris, so that the law of molten Al droplets collision in high temperature can

Numerical analysis of effects of crystal and crucible

TY - JOUR T1 - Numerical analysis of effects of crystal and crucible rotations on melt-crystal interface shape and melt flow in CZ growth by global simulation AU - Liu, Lijun AU - Kitashima, Tomonori AU - Kakimoto, Koichi PY - 2003/12/1 Y1 - 2003/12/1 N2

Numerical analysis of the thermomechanical behaviour of

2016/12/13The intended tool, in the current study, consists different materials of composite and metals and is designed to heat up to 90 . Linear mechanical properties, coefficient of thermal expansions and transient heating curve of each tool part are determined experimentally and set during the numerical analysis of tool structure to calculate the static thermal load effects of deformation, stress and

Numerical Simulation on Fast Filling of Hydrogen for

By numerical simulation, temperature, velocity and pressure distribution in the filling process are shown intuitively. Also, temperature and velocity gradients in the axial direction are obtained. In the simulation, parameters such as flow rates of fast filling are considered.

Analytical, numerical and experimental analysis of

Graphite crucible dimension details and temperature‐dependent material properties given in Table 1(b) and Fig. 7, respectively, were used for simulation. Graphite physical properties at room temperature (∼303 K) were taken from manufacturing data sheet and

Assessment of Different Turbulence Models for the Motion of Non

Assessment of Different Turbulence Models for the Motion of Non-metallic Inclusion in Induction Crucible Furnace H. Barati, M. Wu, A. Kharicha, A. Ludwig Chair for Modeling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes, Department of Metallurgy, University of Leoben

Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer during

In this study, the effects of different rotational combinations between the crystal and the crucible on the flow, heat and mass transfer in the melt are discussed based on numerical simulations. Both crystal-crucible counter- and iso-rotations are investigated. The simulation results for the growth of crystal 200 mm in length show that the oxygen concentration along the crystal-melt interface

876. LED heat sink and graphite heat sink process technology development with


Effect of thermocapillary convection in an industrial

The influence of thermocapillary or Marangoni convection on the growth of silicon crystals is investigated in an industrial Czochralski crucible using a quasi direct numerical simulations approach. An optimized parallel-vector block-structured finite volume Navier

Numerical analysis of thermohydraulic behavior in a

In this study, the crystallization process in a directional solidification furnace is studied by using the transient numerical simulation. The flow field in melt silicon in conjunction with different solidification stages is investigated. A separated side-heater design is proposed, showing a pronounced improvement on temperature gradient in axial direction normal to the solidification

Exfoliation of Graphite into Graphene by a Rotor–Stator

High-shear-induced exfoliation of graphite into graphene using a rotor–stator mixer in supercritical CO2 is a promising approach to massively produce high-quality graphene. The exfoliation mechanism of the rotor–stator and its geometry influence on the exfoliation yield were investigated in this work. The results showed that the active region of peeling off graphite to graphene was located

Accurate numerical simulation of radiative heat transfer with

Accurate numerical simulation of radiative heat transfer with application to crystal growth Growth takes place inside a radiofrequency-heated graphite crucible with a single crystalline seed fixed at the top of the growth cavity and SiC powder placed at the

Direct numerical simulation of turbulent channel flow

Direct numerical simulation of turbulent channel flow over a surrogate for Nikuradse-type roughness - Volume 837 Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites.

CiteSeerX — Simulation of Inductive Melting Process of

CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Numerical modeling of high frequency inductive heating of oxides with high melting temperatures in inductor-crucible furnace is considered in order to find the most appropriate regime of

Numerical Simulation and Experimental Casting of Nickel

2017/2/1As a powerful tool, numerical simulation technology can be used to study directional solidification processes, to predict final microstructures and optimize process parameters [20]. A lot of efforts have gone into the study of directional solidification technology by numerical simulation in the last two decades [21–23].

(PDF) Analytical, Numerical and Experimental

This paper presents, mathematical model of induction heating process by using analytical and numerical methods. In analytical method, series equivalent circuit (SEC) is used to represent induction coil and work piece. Induction coil and workpiece

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The physical behavior of graphite crucible was analyzed, including the heat flow, mass transfer, powder graphitization, crystal growth rate and crystal morphology prediction. The simulation results showed that the main heating zone was concentrated at the powder near the crucible wall, and the reaction atmosphere flows from the outside to the seed surface.

Numerical simulation of the effective permittivity of

Numerical effective permittivity of LDPE/CB 10 vol.% composite with different dried and moisturised particles 4 Conclusions The nanostructure LDPE composite with CB filler was designed, and the effective permittivity was estimated by finite‐element modelling.

Numerical study of the free surface in silicon melting by

In this study, we present a concept of Cold Crucible for Czochralski technique (CZ). The fluid flow in the melt is due to many forces like: electromagnetic Lorenz forces, the viscous force, the force at the free surface by the argon gas flow, the thermo-capillary force and the buoyancy force driven by the temperature distribution.

Numerical Simulation of Microstructure Evolution of Al Alloys in

Numerical Simulation of Microstructure Evolution of Al Alloys in Centrifugal Casting S. R. CHANG, graphite crucible could avoid the slag layer on the free sur-face of the melt entering into the rotating mold, and get a nearly constant flow pattern.

Thermal Analysis of Induction Furnace

transfer simulation [5]. The model has different domains air, crucible, air, coil, susceptor, vacuum etc. 2.4 Governing equations and boundary conditions: The electromagnetic field is governed by Maxwell's equations .These equations are solved 2 𝜎−

CiteSeerX — Simulation of Inductive Melting Process of

CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Numerical modeling of high frequency inductive heating of oxides with high melting temperatures in inductor-crucible furnace is considered in order to find the most appropriate regime of


between ingot and crucible was determined in previous work [10]. The simulation results for two batches with different helium cooling conditions (i.e. gas flow rates) are depicted in Figure 2. Due to confidentiality reasons there are no absolute values given in the

Numerical simulation of sand casting of an aluminium

2011/1/1Melting was conducted in a graphite crucible of max capacity of 1kg, using a resistance furnace. The melt was superheated to the temperature of 740[degrees]C (80[degrees]C above liquidus). It was then ladled and poured into the mould, which was formed by the pattern.

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